Camping Arneitz

We're happy that you're interested in learning more about our campsite!

For many years already we're welcoming our guests at our campsite. We're proud of the countless guests which feel so well at our place that they visit us year over year.

The impressions of two of our regular guests have a much greater meaning than we could every write about ourselves. (They're both in German, though)

Why Arneitz?

Family Hilge from Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany) is a regularly visiting Carinthia since the 1960s. They visited us for the first time in 1974. Since then, we could welcome the married couple every year at our campsite.

We had the honour to celebrate Mr Hilge's 80th birthday in 2022 - and every guest seen in Hilge's video became friends over many years at our campsite at Lake Faak.

South See of Carinthia

Lothar and his wife Brigitte are regular guests of our campsite since 1983. Their children, which have used our kid's playgrounds when spending their holidays in Carinthia for the first few years, are now coming to us with their own young kids.

We're very happy to offer such a great camping experience to this family.

Are you already convinced about staying at Lake Faak?